The Three F’s

Hello all!! I hope you had a fun-filled weekend and had a great start to your week. This post is all about the three F’s, Fashion, Fishing and Football! After the rough few weeks I have had, Joe wanted to take me on the boat and to dinner on the water Friday night. I, of course dressed warm, but also cute for a date night, duh (that’s the Fashion part of the post)! Little did I know that our relaxing night on the boat would turn into the most fun I have had in awhile. We kept seeing tons of birds diving down into the water and fish were just jumping out, it looked like the water was boiling! We followed the birds and got our rods out and caught tons of fish, just one after the other. None of them were big enough to take home, but it was just so much fun and a great distraction from my tummy troubles. Once it got a little cold, we decided to head to dinner. We ate at a restaurant on the water called The Crazy Tuna, which we love for the live music! It was the perfect date night in my book. Continue reading “The Three F’s”