Friday Updates

Hello my lovelies! It has literally been forever since I posted and I have had a number of you asking where I have been, so let me explain. About a week ago I had a stomach virus and was in bed for two days, no fun! However, last Friday my super thoughtful and sweet love bought me a hutch I have been swooning over for the past few weeks. I am seriously so in love with it and how it looks in our dining room! For those of you who live in the Maryland, DC or Virginia area and are looking for an original piece of furniture for your home go follow @theshabbychicgirlsteph on Instagram and Facebook! She refinishes and paints some of the most amazing pieces of furniture (including our hutch) and she sells her pieces at Sweet Clover Barn in Frederick, MD (follow them on Instagram and Facebook too!) The barn has a sale every third weekend of the month so if you’re interested go follow them to get updates on furniture they will be selling in February. Here is a photo of our beautiful hutch in her new home!


So what else have I been doing with my time!? Wedding planning! Joe and I finally had our invitations custom made through an amazing woman on Etsy and we are so excited to receive them in two weeks! It took us awhile to find exactly what we wanted at a price that wouldn’t break our budget and we can’t wait to see the finished product in person! Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen my video of the tailor where Joe is having his suit made for our wedding. He looked the most handsome I have ever seen him, I just about cried! It’s really starting to feel real, how this is really happening in just a few more months!? So crazy! This weekend we have our cake tasting/consultation and Joe literally hasn’t stopped talking about a cake tasting since we started planning our wedding. Anyone that knows Joe knows he loves his sweets so this is all him!

Last weekend, my best friend and Matron of Honor, Cristie and her husband Aaron were hosting their housewarming party in their beautiful new home. I was so glad I was feeling better to go, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! So, Joe and I walk in to the house and one of our friend’s, Danielle comes out of the kitchen and we are literally, no joke, dressed like twins. I was hysterical! Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen the photo I was tagged in of Danielle and I, but in case you didn’t here is a SnapChat photo that Cristie took of us that night, below.


Head to toe, twins! (except for the fact that I am a hobbit compared to her!) Chambray top, black skinnies, black booties and black chokers, you can’t make this up! We got all kinds of comments and questions that night, it was great. I had a few of you ask me where I bought the choker set that I wore that night (which I love!). I bought the set from Lulus and they still have them in stock so go grab them while you can! They are two separate chokers, not attached, so you can wear them together or on their own, love it!

Last update! Joe and I have taken up Bikram Yoga. A 90 minute yoga class with 105 degree heat feels like death while you’re in it, but gives you life in the days following! I wore my “Like You” Spiritual Gangster muscle tank to our yoga class the other night as some of you saw on my Instagram story, also pictured below.4_23fc8a7a-447a-465b-ac2d-c600dcb9ef21_1024x1024

I love all of their clothes and love their philosophy even more! Their mission is to “Inspire positivity, generosity, kindness and connectedness with this goal in mind: May all beings everywhere be happy and free”. The best part about Spiritual Gangster is that proceeds of their sales go to organizations like Feeding America, Make a Wish Foundation and a few others. The “Like You” muscle tank was a gift from my momma, which is still available and was designed to promote love, acceptance and unity. Let’s all remember to put those three beautiful words into action, I know I will.

Enjoy the weekend!





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