New Year, New Favorites

Happy New Year, lovelies! I first want to start off by saying that I am the absolute worst! I don’t know what I was thinking when I said I would be able to write a blog post on NYE. Life has literally been super crazy and I am so ready to share all that has been going on in my life! So, wedding planning. Any of my fellow brides to be using The Knot app or the WeddingWire app!? It is such a blessing and a curse for me. They have a checklist that tells you what you should be doing each month that leads to your wedding day and let’s just say that I have about 6 items on the outstanding part of the checklist and about 10 items under the January part of the checklist. Can we say stressful!? I make lists in my daily life, shopping lists, to do lists at work- I love being able to cross things off those lists. It literally is driving me nuts not being able to cross things off this wedding checklist and I’m pretty sure I have developed a twitch from it lol! However, yesterday was a very happy day as Joe and I finally booked our flights for our honeymoon (and I got to cross something off the list!) and it just made us super excited for all that’s to come. For those of you who have been asking and don’t know already, we will be spending 14 days in Italy! If any of you have been and have recommendations, please leave a comment I would love to read them.

Some of you have been asking about products I use so I figured this Friday Favorites post would be more beauty and health related. So let’s get started! I get asked a lot what mascara I use and I actually just switched to a less expensive brand. I used to use Lancôme Definicils religiously. It’s about $28 for a normal size bottle and I was going through it pretty fast so I started looking for drug store brands. I finally found one that I am loving lately and it’s called The Super Sizer by Covergirl. It costs around $7 and I use the color black. To all of my fellow Target lovers: I am loving the Sonia Kashuk makeup line! I started using her foundation, it is super light which I love because I don’t like feeling cakey. It’s called Soft Focus Satin Matte Foundation and I use the color Cream 3. I also just started using her crème bronzer that is super creamy and not shimmery like many bronzers are. It’s called Undetectable Crème Bronzer and I use the color Warm Tan. Her concealer is amazing as well! I like to use a tiny bit under my eyes and around the bottom part of my nose. It’s called All Covered Up and I use the color Fair. And I can’t forget her crème blush, it’s super pigmented so I just dab my finger in it and tap a little on the apples of my cheeks and blend it in. Loving the color! It’s called Crème Blush and I use the color Petal 01.

Hair care favorites! I recently read about wooden combs and brushes and how good they are for your hair and scalp. I found this wooden comb on Amazon that even the wood that the comb is made of smells absolutely amazing! I swear the wood must absorb the water when my hair is wet and helps my hair dry so much faster after I shower. My hair has looked so shiny since using this wooden comb too! Literally one of the best purchases I have ever made. Even Joe loves it for a nice little scalp massage! Those who know me know that I have been obsessed with Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner forever. However, I recently found a new love with Pantene’s Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. If you are looking for a change you won’t be disappointed! I have a few other favorites that I will wait to post about in future Friday Favorites posts.

Many of you know that I had decided to go vegan about a little over a month ago. I have always had terrible tummy issues since before I can remember and after this past year with taking two antibiotics, a motility drug and medical food for 3 months, I knew I needed to do something. I wanted to make a real change to my diet to see if it would have a positive impact or not. It was literally the best decision I have ever made for my health! Cutting out all animal by product and substituting it with soy, plant based proteins, veggies, fruit and beans was exactly what I needed to give my body the ultimate reset. I was never a huge meat eater to begin with, but dairy was definitely a part of my diet. After cutting out those things I literally felt so much lighter inside. I didn’t have that same heavy and unsettling feeling in my stomach every time I ate or stomach pains keeping me up throughout the night. Some of my go to’s are pictured below! Banza pasta is made from garbanzo beans and has so much more fiber and protein than regular pasta. And it tastes just like regular pasta! I switched out regular milk for Soy and Almond Milk, even the unsweetened almond milk tastes like Vanilla to me which I love! I have always loved edamame and having them in a microwaveable bag makes it super easy for lunch in the office. Lunch also consists of Morning Star Roasted Garlic Quinoa burgers and White Bean Chili burgers, also microwaveable and vegan! Joe and I are planning to start making our own vegan burgers so I will be sure to share those as well.


It felt so good to be back! I hope you all enjoyed some of my favorites and some updates in my life lately. Looking forward to a healthy and happy new year!




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