Friday Favorites

Hi loves!! It’s been such a long and busy week for me, so I apologize for not posting on Wednesday. Joe and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary over the weekend! We went to see The Girl on the Train at an iPic movie theater. If you haven’t been to one, you should definitely try it, it’s so fun! There are big comfy reclining seats with a little table in between you and the other person you are with, you get a little pillow and cozy blanket too! If you purchase the premium plus seats, which we did, you also have a server that comes to you within minutes of pressing a button on your table. They have a great food menu, wine, beer and cocktail menu as well! AND in the premium plus seats you get unlimited popcorn, yes unlimited! It’s definitely a fun experience to try with a friend or significant other at least once. Oh and the movie was SO good! Anyone who has read the book, you won’t be disappointed with the movie, I loved it. I also finally received my tripod for my camera in the mail and Joe and I decided to take a few pictures to try it out! Below is our favorite picture, just us on a normal Sunday. (and yes, I need a haircut!)


Now let’s get on to the reason we are all here, Friday Favorites! I am loving every kind of wool fedora and floppy hat lately and one of my favorites that I own is a super pretty burgundy color with a black ribbon from Target! Disclaimer: as much as I love all things fashion, I am a super simple woman, even with fashion. With all the new trends out there it’s so easy to just wear them all at once, but I love simplicity. Less is always more, ladies! I think of each piece of clothing or accessory as a statement piece. I always want that piece to stand out! So with that being said, I paired my burgundy hat with an all black outfit; black skinnies, black top, black jacket, black booties and a black bag (with gold chains). Hope you like the look as much as I enjoyed wearing it!

Below are a few of my other favorite hats lately! You can find these hats and hats just like these at Forever 21, The Palm Tree Boutique, Sora & Company, Shop Lux, and 7th & Park Boutique.


I hope you all have a fun weekend ahead and I will see you back here on Wednesday for a new giveaway, that of course, you won’t want to miss!!




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