Weekend Getaway

Hello all! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend! It has been a crazy few days so I apologize for the late post today. So Thursday night Joe and I left for Florida. Joe had a case for work on Friday and so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a little us time away from home. Friday we went to breakfast at a cute little place called Ally’s Café in Weston, Florida. We had the sweetest southern lady as our waitress. Joe and I recently started doing crossword puzzles together in the newspaper. I know, sounds so dorky! But I have always loved word searches and crosswords and it’s just something fun that we enjoy doing together. So we sat and ate our breakfast and tried to solve the crossword puzzle. Later, after Joe’s case we went the beach and it was literally the most perfect weather! We laid under an umbrella right by the water and read our books. I finally finished The Girl on the Train and I absolutely cannot wait to see the movie! I am sure many of you have read the book and or have seen the movie and know what I mean when I say I cant wait to see the movie, it’s just so good! Friday night we met up with one of Joe’s previous co-workers and friend Christie,  her boyfriend Lewis and her sister Kim. We had an amazing dinner at Yolo in Fort Lauderdale and had many laughs! Yolo is definitely a place to check out if you are ever in Fort Lauderdale, they have an outdoor bar and seating area with fire pits and lights and a beautiful indoor restaurant as well. Definitely recommend their Szechuan calamari, amazing! Saturday a family friend of Christie’s took us out on his boat for a ride out to West Palm Beach. It was the perfect day for a boat ride and we saw some amazing yachts and homes on the water. We grabbed lunch at a restaurant called E.R. Bradley’s which is owned by a man from Maryland! We learned a little bit of the history of the restaurant and the owner and there were many pictures on the walls of horse races in Maryland which was so cool to see.

Saturday night we stayed with Christie and Lewis in Boca Raton and had dinner at a more casual restaurant to watch some of the baseball games. Our Saturday night was super low key as we were getting up pretty early to go deep sea fishing Sunday morning! Another friend of ours, Caitlin has a boyfriend who is a Captain on a fishing charter and hooked us up with an amazing morning of fishing. It was about a 10 minute ride and we were ready to fish! It was the first time I have ever experienced kite fishing. I won’t bore you all with my long description of it so you should look it up yourself, pretty neat! We almost immediately got a sailfish to bite and Joe was reeling it in. You could see it jumping up out of the water and it was huge! It looked like something out of a movie I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. Sadly, the sailfish spit out the hook and we didn’t catch it. A little later, we hooked something else! It was my turn to reel it in and all I remember Caitlin saying was “whatever you do, don’t stop reeling”, it was literally the hardest thing. I felt like my arm was going to fall off. Caitlin wrapped a fishing rod belt around my waist which has a hole in the front where the bottom of the rod goes. It was definitely helpful as this fish I was reeling was so heavy. As it got closer I could see how beautiful the coloring was and realized it was a Mahi! It was exhausting but so worth it! We caught 5 more Mahi that morning and when we returned back to the marina, Willis, our Captain, fileted two fish for us and we went into the marina’s restaurant to have them cook it up for us! They cooked the Mahi three ways, blackened, grilled and then with a tomato sauce, capers, onions and a little cheese. It was amazing! If you are in Florida and looking for a great fishing charter, check out Sea Note Charters at http://www.seanotecharters.org, Caitlin, Willis and Robby are great and you will have such a fun time catching some beautiful fish! Check out some of our pictures from our weekend getaway below!

This was a long one, for sure! Thank you all so much for following and while you are patiently waiting for my Friday Favorites post, check out a cute boutique I recently found called Honey and Hazel Boutique!



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