Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! I don’t know about you all, but I am so ready for the weekend. My momma and I are going to look for mother of the bride dresses and I am so excited! Love momma-daughter time. For some reason I am all about “F” words this week on the blog, so let’s just keep it going! This Friday Favorites post is all about one of my Fall favorites, flannel! You literally cannot have enough flannel. I would live in flannel if I could. Flannel, a great pair of leggings and some fuzzy socks and couch snuggles all day! I know I have said previously that Target has stepped their shoe game up, but they also have some great flannels too! Pretty sure every time I go there I come out with a new flannel. Does anyone else notice how the 90’s grunge look is coming back? You all know I love 90’s fashion, so I am definitely not mad about it! Tie that flannel around your waist and put on a cute pair of combat boots or high tops and put some MC Hammer on. Here’s to taking it back a little..

These high tops are from Target, how cute are they!? Super comfy too. If you’re looking for a great flannel, check out some of my favorites below from Shop Hearts, Thirty One Boutique, Clad & Cloth and Frankie Phoenix!

Have a great weekend, see you all back here on Wednesday!!




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