The Three F’s

Hello all!! I hope you had a fun-filled weekend and had a great start to your week. This post is all about the three F’s, Fashion, Fishing and Football! After the rough few weeks I have had, Joe wanted to take me on the boat and to dinner on the water Friday night. I, of course dressed warm, but also cute for a date night, duh (that’s the Fashion part of the post)! Little did I know that our relaxing night on the boat would turn into the most fun I have had in awhile. We kept seeing tons of birds diving down into the water and fish were just jumping out, it looked like the water was boiling! We followed the birds and got our rods out and caught tons of fish, just one after the other. None of them were big enough to take home, but it was just so much fun and a great distraction from my tummy troubles. Once it got a little cold, we decided to head to dinner. We ate at a restaurant on the water called The Crazy Tuna, which we love for the live music! It was the perfect date night in my book. Saturday was rainy and cold so we decided to have a Sons of Anarchy marathon. We didn’t watch it when it was on TV, but recently got into it on Netflix and I am seriously addicted. Joe has to literally pry me away from the TV, I am always like “just one more ep, please!?”. It’s a little sad. Oh and we finally ordered chairs for our dining room table! Sitting on folding chairs is getting old and having your food at eye level is not something I want to get used to. Sunday, we went to the Ravens vs. Redskins game and our day didn’t start out the best! We left our house around 10:30 to go down and tailgate with friends and it was a mad house trying to find parking. Around 11:00 we were about to pull into a parking lot and I turned to Joe and asked, “you have the tickets, right?”. He immediately put his face in his hands. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. He was so not happy and so we turned around and went home to get the tickets and got back downtown around 12. By that time every parking lot we tried to get into was full. In my head I was thinking, “this is my nightmare”. Finally, we ended up parking in a casino parking garage and walking over to tailgate for 20 minutes with some friends. I think we were both so exhausted just from the morning that we had, but we had a great time and even though the Ravens didn’t win, it was a great day for a football game! I was missing my photographer again and just couldn’t bring myself to take any more mirror selfies, but Friday’s Favorites will be filled with an ultimate favorite of mine, I promise! Check out a few pictures from our weekend, below.

And of course I didn’t forget, the winner of the tasseled scarf giveaway is Maria Valderas! For those of you who loved the scarf, you can purchase it at Shop Impressions. As always, thank you all for following and sharing my posts and I will see you back here for Friday Favorites!



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