Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, ladies! I wanted to share my favorite absolute “must haves”. These are all pieces or items that I believe every woman should have in their closet! So, let’s get to it! Every woman absolutely needs to have a great pair of skinny jeans in her closet. Below are my most favorite skinny jeans of the week. You can find these jeans at Shop Impressions, Red Dress Boutique and Vici Collection.

I love distressed skinny jeans, but nothing too crazy! You want the jean to look like the little rips and tears are meant to be there, not like you just got into a fight with a weed wacker, ladies! Slits at the knee or above the knee are super cute as well especially with colored jeans like the maroon colored jeans pictured above. Being super short it is hard to find jeans that are the exact length I need them to be so I find myself cuffing them, which looks amazing with a great shoe or bootie! My newest favorite with skinny jeans is what’s called the cigarette bottom. You can see in the pictures above, the maroon pair and the last pair on the bottom right have the cigarette bottom which basically looks like the edges are frayed. I love that look lately especially with a strappy heel for a night out!

Next up are what I like to call the basic must haves. We all need basics for the days that we just want an effortless and trendy look. When I say basics I mean solid tanks, bodysuits and tees. Check out some of my favorite basics below from Shop Dress Up, Foi Clothing, Shop Impressions and Elle Lain!

A basic tee like the black or mauve colored ones pictured above, a great skinny jean and a cute pair of booties is the perfect transition outfit for Fall. I am loving the white tank, suede taupe hat and burgundy jeans look pictured above, another great transition outfit! Tanks can really change up your look depending on the style of the tank. I purposely chose three different styles of tanks pictured above to show you what I mean. The rose colored tank in the top middle picture has a higher neck and thinner straps and has a flowy look to it. The white tank in the picture next to it also has a higher neck, but with a racerback and high slits on the sides which is a definite favorite lately! The taupe tank on the bottom left is a little more fitted than the other two, has a lower neckline and thicker straps, a little more of a casual look. And last but not least, the last picture is a henley bodysuit that I am loving lately as well. The reason I like body suits is because you don’t have to worry about keeping a tank tucked in all day or night and wondering if it’s making you look bunched up around your waist. It is seamless and looks great for a tucked in look for a casual day outfit or a night out with the girls!

The final “must have” that I want to leave you all with is the cardigan. Honestly, I really don’t like the word cardigan, it just sounds old fashioned and out dated to me. However, you will absolutely love the cardigans I am about to share with you. We are taking the word cardigan to the next level, ladies! The following cardigans can be found at Vici Collection, Shop Impressions, Shop Boem and Magnolia Boutique!

So I have a slight obsession with draped cardigans, just like the top left and bottom left pictures. They are two completely different looks, but both insanely chic! The top draped cardigan is perfect for a date night out with that special someone and the bottom draped cardigan is perfect for everyday wear or a casual night out at the bar with friends! The top right and bottom right cardigans are exactly what you need for upcoming Fall. The burgundy cardigan is super light weight and the perfect color for your Fall wardrobe! The  light beige long cardigan is also hooded and a light sweater material, perfect for a bon fire night to get super cozy in!

I hope you all loved my favorite “must haves” and try a few out! You really can’t go wrong with some great basics like these in your closet!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend, loves!





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