Navy is the New Black

Dress: Vici Collection (here), Shoes: Target (here), Foldover Clutch: old (similar here)

Hi love bugs!! It feels like it’s been forever since I posted, I think it’s because of our super busy and fun weekend. So those of you who follow me on social media have already seen the picture of Joe and I, above. But those who have not, this picture was taken Saturday night before Joe’s cousin, Elena’s wedding. Her wedding was at the Baltimore Visionary Art Museum. She looked absolutely beautiful! The food and music were amazing and we literally danced the entire night. And yes, I wore my shoes all.night.long. I am regretting it now from the blisters but come on, they completed my look and I marry my shoes (never take them off) so I couldn’t just abandon them when things got tough!  Anyway, this amazing navy off the shoulder dress is from Vici Collection and it was on sale for $30! And it is also available in white for you ladies looking for an engagement shoot/rehearsal dinner/bridal shower dress, it is super comfortable and you will get tons of compliments! Can we just take a moment to adore my most handsome soon to be husband!? His tie had pastel colored whales on them, wore a whale tie clip and whale I rubbing off on him with all my fashion talk? But seriously, he looked super handsome! Joe had a ton of family in town for his cousin’s wedding so we took advantage of the time we would have with them. Sunday we took the boat out with his cousin Angel and newly engaged cousin Maria and her fiancé Brandon! (just want to say congratulations, you guys!) We had so much fun hanging out with them. Joe and I bought floats that we finally got to use on Sunday. The very popular sprinkled donut float and my very favorite, the giant rubber ducky! Joe had to go onto someone else’s boat to blow up the rubber ducky because it was so huge. He spent a good 10 minutes getting it blown up and then jumped in the water with it not realizing it was caught on the side of the boat and put a hole in it!! After all that time! Good thing the float came with a patch kit, but the poor duck had already started to let some air out so it looked a little sad. But it was still a lot of fun to finally lay on it and I know Joe would have been pissed if I hadn’t jumped right on it after all he went through! We definitely had some laughs though, for sure. Check out some pictures from our weekend fun below (bikini top is from target)!

I told you the rubber ducky was huge! See you all back here on Friday for some favorites!




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