Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles

Bodysuit: TopShop (here), Shorts: Target (here), Shoes: Abound (here)

Hello darlings! First, I want to apologize for the no Monday post and I can explain! Since buying our boat, we have literally spent all of our free time on the water, which I am totally not complaining about! Joe and I had a little date night with Kona on the boat on Thursday, he packed us some dinner and our favorite drinks which was super sweet and thoughtful. Friday we had my best friend Cristie and her husband Aaron on the boat after work and we met up with some of our other friends out on the water and got drinks later. It was a fun night! Saturday, Joe and I decided to bring Kona out on the boat with us and we met up with some friends at Hart Miller Island. Our friends decided to leave about 10 minutes before us and as we were pulling the anchor up we noticed the sky. It was crazy dark in the direction we needed to go to get back to our marina so Joe said we needed to hurry up and get going. As we were on our way, our friends that had already left called Joe and told him not to come to the marina, that is was HAILING. We were about halfway to our marina when the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, the wind was gusting and the waves got super rough. I was FREAKING OUT, to say the least. Joe wasn’t saying anything which made me even more anxious. He is a talker and when he isn’t talking I know he is nervous or anxious about something. He turned to me as I started crying and said, “Babe, I know you’re scared but I need you to be calm right now and help me.” In that moment, I don’t know how but I got myself together and we decided to head in the opposite direction towards sunlight. We had no idea where we were going but we headed full speed ahead for the unknown. I saw from a distance what I thought looked like a marina and we headed straight for that. It ended up being Tolchester Marina. They had a slip that they let us use to tie up the boat and then we ran with Kona to their outdoor (but covered) bar. Within minutes of us getting settled, the storm hit and it was crazy. The wind was gusting and flipping over chairs and tables, other boats were still trying to get into the marina but the winds kept pushing them further out in the water, it was raining so hard that the rain was getting us soaked and we just tried to stay warm and huddled with other people who were in the same boat as us (no pun intended). After about 2 hours the storm passed and we were ready to get home. The ride home was still rough but nothing like that storm and we were so thankful once we reached our marina, I couldn’t help but cry and tell Joe how proud I was of him getting us there safely. And I can’t forget our little girl! Kona was such a good girl, so calm and just went with it all, I was so proud of her! Sunday was a very calm day on the water so we decided to take Joe’s dad fishing and we had a blast! The three of us caught a lot of little baby fish and of course threw them back in the water, but it was the first time I caught fish all on my own which was so fun. SO, now that we have my crazy weekend out of the way, let’s talk about this outfit!! I am loving this black off the shoulder ruffled bodysuit, yes bodysuit! It is super comfortable and I am absolutely crazy for off the shoulder tops this summer, so cute. The ruffled printed shorts are a favorite as well! They have a drawstring at the waist and the ruffled sides make them super flirty. I of course paired this outfit with my favorite wedges by Abound. This outfit is great for a date night or a party with some friends! Check out some of the pictures from our crazy weekend below!


See you back here on Friday, loves!



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