Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday my loves! In my post on Wednesday I said that this Friday Favorites post would be a good one and I meant it! I am letting you all in on some of my most favorite online boutiques!! These boutiques are all very affordable, have pretty fast shipping and sell some of the most trendy clothes and accessories. First up, Dottie Couture! I absolutely love this boutique. New arrivals every day, yes EVERY day. You have got to sign up to get emails when they have new arrivals, it’s the most exciting part of my day (don’t tell Joe that!). I order from Dottie Couture pretty often and have never had a bad experience. Their clothes are true to size and made well! Here are some of my favorites from their online shop this week!

Next is ThirtyOne Boutique. This boutique is run by a southern mother-daughter duo, so cute! Their clothes are always on trend and super affordable. New arrivals once a week, definitely sign up for those emails too! One thing about this boutique is that their clothes sell out fast, so you definitely want to sign up to get emails when the new arrivals are live on the site. Some of my favorites from ThirtyOne this week are below!

Some of you may have heard of The Mint Julep Boutique, but if you haven’t you MUST visit their online boutique. They have tons and I mean tons of clothes, shoes and accessories and they have new arrivals daily, I can’t say this enough but sign up for those emails! Free shipping of purchases over $100, which for me I know is pretty easy to get to and once you see these clothes you will know what I mean! Oh and ladies who are expecting and seeing all these clothes wishing you could wear them, this boutique has a maternity section so no more wishing!! Check out some of my favorites from The Mint Julep Boutique below.

Have any of you heard of Material Girls!? You have got to visit this online boutique as soon as you can! For my fellow petite ladies, some of the models are shorter so the look of the clothes are more realistic to our shape. I always, always look at the model specs when I buy clothes online because I will see the most amazing dress on a 5 foot 7 model and realize that dress will be at my ankles if I bought it in the same size the model was wearing. Always pay attention to the model specs, ladies! Anyway, Material Girls is another great affordable and trendy boutique that I love to buy clothes from. New arrivals each week and they are to die for, see for yourself!

Last, but most definitely not least! Shout out to my friend Megan and her cousin Kate’s online boutique, Pass Clothing! I am super excited for them as they began their journey earlier this year and opened their online clothing boutique. What I love most about their boutique is that each month a percentage of their proceeds goes to an animal rescue organization, AMAZING. If any of you are animal lovers like these ladies and myself, check them out! Regardless, their clothes are super cute and you guessed it, affordable! Here are some of my favorites from Pass Clothing!

Was this a good Friday Favorites post or what!? I hope you all will love these boutiques as much as I do! I apologize in advance for the amount of spending you may do this weekend because of this post, but you will love me for it later I promise!

See you lovelies back here on Monday!



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